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New and Former Exit Numbers*

Image of newly renumbered 1-Mile advance overhead sign for MA 24 exits on MA 140 in Taunton, exit numbering was completed on October 22 2020

                   Work on all State Route exits to be renumbered was completed on April 13, 2021

On November 18, 2019 MassDOT announced it would convert the state's limited access highway exit numbers to the Geographic Reference or Milepost Exit Numbering system between late summer 2020 and late spring 2021. This follows a four year delay for the project originally announced in fall of 2015 (Project No. 608024) that would have converted the state's limited access highway's exit numbers in 2016 and 2017. The new project appears to be similar to the earlier one in that it will start converting exits west to east (and each highway north to south or east to west) over probably a 2 year period. Differences include that it will be proceeded by a public information campaign and the creation of a new website that will provide information on the new exit numbers. Also, this project will not include the Lowell Connector or MA 213, due to the small number and/or close proximity of the exits, nor MA 28 or MA 57 where there are currently no exit numbers. On September 10, 2020 MassDOT announced the project would start on October 18 and be completed by the summer of 2021. MA 140, instead of I-91 as originally announced in 2019, was the first route to receive new exit numbers. The last state route to get new numbers was Route 2, work was completed the morning of April 13, 2021.

The following lists have the current exit number, new or not, depending on whether the route's exits were changed, and the former sequential number, for those that were changed in 2020 or 2021. I include a key to the exit renumbering contract for each route listed, ERC=Exit Renumbering Contract (1-Winning bidder-Liddell Bros., work started Feb. 28, 2021), (2-Winning bidder-Roadsafe Traffic Systems-Work started Oct. 18, 2020), (NA-No changes to exits):

 Thumbnail image of MA 2 shield from wikimedia Route 2, Greenfield to Cambridge      (ERC1)  All Exits Renumbered since April 13, 2021^                  

 Thumbnail of MA 3 shield from wikimedia Route 3 / Pilgrims Highway, Bourne to Braintree  (ERC2) All Exits Renumbered since Dec. 14, 2020^

 Thumbnail of MA 24 shield from wikimedia Route 24 / AmVets Highway, RI Border to I-93 in Randolph  (ERC2) All Exits Renumbered since Jan. 19, 2021^

 Thumbnail of MA 25 shield, from wikimedia Route 25, I-195 to Bourne Bridge (ERC2) All Exits Renumbered since November 24, 2020 / Sign Replacement contract underway as of 3/24/23^

 MA 28 shield from wikimedia Route 28, Bourne Bridge to Falmouth (No Exit Numbers will be posted)**(NA)

 MA 57 shield from wikimedia Route 57, Henry E. Bodurtha Highway, MA 187 to US 5 (No Exit Numbers will be posted)**(NA)

Thumbnail of MA 128 shield, from wikimedia Route 128 / Yankee Division Highway, Peabody to Gloucester  (ERC2) All Exits Renumbered since Feb. 24, 2021^ / Sign Replacement contract underway as of 5/21/24.

Thumbnail of MA 140 shield, from wikimedia Route 140  (ERC2) All Exits Renumbered since October 22, 2020^

Thumbnail image of MA 146 shield, from wikimedia Route 146, I-290 in Worcester to RI Border (ERC1)  All Exits Renumbered since March 22, 2021

Thumbnail of MA 213 shield, from wikimedia Route 213 / Loop Connector,  to Andover (NA)

                Lowell Connector, I-495/US 3 to Lowell (NA)

*Under the 2020 Exit Renumbering project, MassDOT did not add milepost exit numbers to highways without existing exit numbers, some of the highways listed above were to have numbers under the postponed 2015 exit renumbering project.

** Numbers listed were to be added under the postponed 2016 exit renumbering project.

Lists include suggestions as to how some of the proposed exit numbers could have been changed to more accurately reflect the mile posts.

(1) Post by Roadman in AARoads Forum, Northeast Group, I-90 / Mass Pike Signing Work thread, 5/10/2016, downloaded from:

(2) Taken from p. A00803-5 from Project 608024, Project Drawings and Detail Sheets, Part 1, MassDOT, Highway Division, downloaded from:, Link under 'File Attachments.'

^Photos of the renumbered exit signs available at:  New England Exit Renumbering Central

About the 2020-2021 Exit Renumbering Project:

The project did not change exit signs, but had up to 3 work crews at a time replace the numbers on the exit tabs, as shown in the left diagrams from MassDOT from 2015, and on the exit gore signs while placing yellow Old Exit # tabs under the gore signs with the new exit numbers:2

Method of changing exit numbers on older highway signs, from MassDOT                          Sample exit sign showing yellow old exit tab sign on bottom

On November 19, 2019 MassDOT unveiled a website ( with its own logo:

Small version image of MassDOT logo for Exit Renumbering Project in Nov. 2019

which contained lists of the future 'proposed' exit numbers. The proposed numbers are mostly, unlike those from the postponed 2016 project which was determined on a 'round down' philosophy, based on simple rounding (below .5 down, for .5 and above, up). They also eliminated the proposed use of Exit 0 which reduced the need for many lettered exits for many routes. Public hearings were held to get citizen comments between November 2019 and March 2020. I attend the February 11, 2020 meeting in Boston, I was the only non-MassDOT related person there. For more on the meeting, see the Interstate Exits page.

On February 2020, MassDOT split the renumbering project into 3 contracts: Divisions 1-3 (Contract 610646 covering the western and central parts of the state), Divisions 4-6 (Contract 610799, for the northeastern and southeastern sections and Boston) and a separate one for the Mass Pike (Contract 610800). The first contract had its final plans sent to MassDOT management on March 19, 2020, the second on April 4, and the third on April 6. The contracts were all advertised in May, with winning bid announcements to take place over a 4 week period. The first contract (Districts 1-3) was advertised on May 9 with a July 7 winning bidder announcement date. The second was advertised on May 16 for a June 23 announcement where Roadsafe Traffic Systems Inc. was announced as the winner. The third was advertised on May 30 with a July 21 announcement date. All the contracts were let by the end of July or early August. The COMMBUYS site has a page for each advertised contract with additional project documents that the public can access: Districts 1-3, Districts 4-6, and for the MassPike.

New sign replacement contracts put out to bid the last few years have included exit tab designs that will accept larger milepost based numbers. For example, this new sign for the West US 44 exit on Route 3 South put up in May 2020 with a new overhead variable message sign, has a space that will fit the new number (16) for the exit when it is changed in November 2020:

Image of newly placed overhead gantry on MA 3 South in Plymouth with activated VMS and new 1-mile advance sign for West US 44 exit with space for future milepost number

History about the postponement of the 2015 contract:

UPDATE 10/5/16: It appears MassDOT has indefinitely postponed work to change exit numbers to those based on highway mileposts. Work was to start in January 2016 to convert highway exit numbers, first in the western part of the state then working eastward (except for numbers on the Mass. Turnpike/I-90 which will be changed under another contract) with a completion date for the entire project of early 2018. However, it appears the start of work is now on hold, with no specific start date announced. This appears to be the results of feedback from politicians and the public after news of the project got out. Officials on Cape Cod were publicly critical of MassDOT's plan (see this article in the Cape Cod Times) and the State Highway Administrator, Tom Tinlin is quoted in a Worcester Telegram & Gazette article saying he had not yet signed off on the project. In a public meeting in June, officials indicated the existing exit numbers would be used on the new signs, but that the exit tabs and gore signs would be designed to hold the larger milepost numbers if converted sometime in the future. Back in April, MassDOT announced the winning bidder for a project to replace exit signs on I-495. The contract was modified to include a clause whereby the state would inform the contractor whether to use milepost based numbers or keep the sequential numbers for the new signs at a later time.

On October 1, MassDOT re-advertised a project first advertised last year that would have replaced exit signs in the Big Dig and Mass Pike tunnels in Boston with those with new numbers. Based on a website forum comment from a MassDOT sign engineer, the new contract will now install signs with the existing numbers, but like with US 6, the signs will be designed to display milepost based numbers, if and when a switch is made. He also indicated that for the time being, this will be standard operating procedure for new signage replacement contracts. Signs on the Mass Pike designed for the use of milepost numbers will use the current sequential numbers as well. (1)

A MassDOT official quoted in this July 29 Article in the Cape Cod Times says “We continue to evaluate what would be in the best interest of Massachusetts taxpayers and drivers with the federal government’s milepost-based exit numbering initiative,” “Logistically, there are many questions which still need to be answered concerning how Massachusetts would transition to distance-based numbering and what the potential impacts could be on the communities we serve." For more details about the reluctance by MassDOT to start the conversion, see This Blog Post.

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