Massachusetts Highway Sign Replacement Contract List through 2027

Current Projects as of September 1, 2023

Route                             Where                                    Percent Complete**            Completion Date           

I-95 shield image from wikimedia                           Attleboro to Norwood                    100%                              Fall 2021*                [Installation of all overhead signs not complete***]

I-95 shield image from wikimedia                            Reading to Lynnfield                     90%                             Spring 2022*             ['Completed'****-6/18/23]

I-95 shield image from wikimedia                            Lynnfield to Danvers                     100%                          Summer 2023                 ['Completed'-9/1/23]

I-190 shield image from wikimedia                        Worcester to Leominster                  6%                             Autumn 2024                  [Work continues-9/1/23]

I-295 shield image from wikimedia                       Attleborough to N. Attleborough     0%                             Spring 2024                    [Notice to Proceed given-4/13/23]

US 1 shield image from wikimedia                              Chelsea to Danvers                      60%                            Autumn 2021*             [D and G type signs being installed-8/14/23]

US 3 shield image from wikimedia                            Burlington to Tyngsborough         31%                             Spring 2023*              [Sign foundation work continues-7/26/23]

MA 25 shield image from wikimedia                             Wareham to Bourne                      0%                              Spring 2024                  [Notice to Proceed given-3/24/23]      

*Project continues (will continue) after original estimated date of completion, MassDOT Project listings no longer include a completion date as of July 2021.

**In March 2023, MassDOT mistakenly recategorized all under construction sign contracts in the ProjectInfo site as '100% Complete'. The % listed currently based on those numbers given previously. [While this was corrected in May some recently started projects are still listed as complete.]

***Despite MassDOT listing as project complete, two 1/2 mile advance signs for the I-495 exit have not been installed as of 3/12/23 as well as a new sign for the I-495 exit on I-95 South that was knocked down soon after installation.

****As of June 2023 the project page lists the work as completed, however there are still 5 signs that have yet to be placed as of 6/18/23.

Future Projects

Route                               Where                                                 To be Let in        

I-90 shield image from WikimediaI-93 shield image from Wikimedia            Central Artery/Tunnel System        Spring 2026

I-195 shield image from wikimedia                            Dartmouth to Wareham                  Summer 2024 (Was 2027)

I-291 medium shield from mediawiki                           Springfield to Chicopee                    Spring 2026 (was Summer 2025)

I-395 shield image from Wikimedia                           Auburn to Webster                            2027*

I-495 shield image from wikimedia                            Wareham to Raynham                     Summer 2024 (Was 2027)

MA 2 shield, from wikimedia                             Harvard to Concord                          Spring 2026 (Was Summer 2025)  

MA 3 shield, from wikimedia                             Braintree to Plymouth                      Spring 2025

MA 57 shield image from Wikimedia                             West Springfield to Agawam            2027*

MA 128 shield image from wikimedia                          Peabody to Gloucester                      Summer 2024 (Was Fall 2023)

MA 140 shield image from Wikimedia                          Freetown to Taunton                         Spring 2025        

MA 146 shield image from wikimedia                          Uxbridge to Worcester                      Spring 2025 (was Fall 2020)

*New MassDOT Project listing containing no date for start of construction, assuming 2027 since projects up through 2026 have years listed.

Notes: Information current as of September 1, 2023 obtained from MassDOT Project Listings (ProjectInfo) for Structural Signing contracts under construction or design, downloaded from:

For sign projects planned between 2016 and 2020, MassDOT had contractors install exit tabs and gore signs that can fit future milepost based numbers. MassDOT then renumbered these exits to the milepost system under 3 contracts from October 2020 to August 2021.

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