Massachusetts Sign Replacement Contract List through 2024

Current Projects

Route                             Where                                            Percent Complete    Completion Date

I-90 shield image from wikimedia                            W. Stockbridge to Auburn           36%   [95%]*            Summer 2020 (Delayed from Fall 2017)*

I-90 shield image from wikimedia                            Auburn to Boston                         13%   [99%]*            Summer 2019 (Delayed from Spring 2018)*

I-95 shield image from wikimedia                           Attleboro to Norwood                  Underway                   Fall 2021

I-95 shield image from wikimedia                            Reading to Peabody                    Underway                   Spring 2021

I-290 shield image from wikimedia                           Auburn to Worcester                  Underway                 Autumn 2020                    

I-495 shield image from wikimedia                           Raynham to Bolton                      Underway                 Spring 2020*

I-495 shield image from wikimedia                           Methuen to Amesbury                Underway                  Autumn 2019*

I-495 shield image from wikimedia                            Bolton to Lowell                          Underway                  Spring 2021         

US 1 shield image from wikimedia                              Chelsea to Danvers                      Underway                  Spring 2021

MA 24 shield image from wikimedia                              Fall River to Randolph                Underway                 Spring 2020*

MA 28 shield image from wikimedia                              Bourne to Falmouth                    Underway                 Winter 2021

I-391 shield image from wikimedia                            Chicopee to Holyoke                    Underway                 Spring 2022

I-495 shield image from wikimedia I-195 shield image from wikimedia              Specific Signs in SE Mass.           Underway                Summer 2022

Future Projects

Route                              Where                                             To be Let in        

US 3 shield image from wikimedia                              Burlington to Tyngsborough          Summer 2021

I-84 shield image from wikimedia                             Holland to Sturbridge                    Autumn 2022 (Was Winter 2023/24)                 

I-190 shield image from wikimedia                           Worcester to Leominster                 Winter 2022/23

I-295 shield image from wikimedia                           Attleborough to N. Attleborough     Autumn 2023 (Was Autumn 2022)

MA 25 shield image from wikimedia                             Wareham to Bourne                          Autumn 2023 (Was Autumn 2022)      

MA 146 shield image from wikimedia                          Uxbridge to Worcester                      Spring 2024 (was Fall 2020)

MA 128 shield image from wikimedia                          Peabody to Gloucester                      Summer 2024 (Was Autumn 2023)

MA 140 shield image from Wikimedia                          Freetown to Taunton                         Spring 2025        

Notes: Information current as of Sept. 8, 2020 obtained from MassDOT Project Listings for Structural Signing contracts under construction or design, downloaded from:

For current sign projects and those under design for the near future, MassDOT will have contractors install exit tabs and gore signs that can fit future larger milepost based numbers. MassDOT is now planning a project to renumber exits to the milepost system starting in late summer 2020.

*Project may be complete, but is still listed as Under Construction on MassDOT's Project Listings site.

[ ] completion percentage numbers are based on observations of the progress from personal road trips.