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As a Massachusetts driver for most of my life, I am often amused, confused, and sometimes frustrated driving the state's highway system. This page is an attempt, be it by an avid road enthusiast with no training in engineering, traffic control, or as an employee of MassDOT, to define what kind of state route system I would like to see, and then to make some suggestions as to how this could be achieved. I happily accept comments and other suggestions you may have, perhaps together some of these changes can actually happen.

Defining an Ideal Highway System

The basic definition of a state's highway system is a series of roadways that get people, goods and services from A to B in the most efficient way possible. While Massachusetts has done a reasonably good job, today's system is still largely based on that created from traffic patterns of the 1920s through the 1960s and could use some updates to make it a more efficient system for the rest of the 21st Century.  To do so though will require a more specific set of standards to define an ideal, more efficient highway system. Thus for the purposes of this website -- 

An ideal state route system:

1. Provides the most direct route from A to B according to current highway travel patterns.

2. Should be simple to follow with logical start and endpoints.

3. Should avoid unnecessary route concurrencies.

4. Should have routes ending at other routes (state borders and geographic features like coastlines, excepted).

5. Should be well signed.

Based on the above standards, I have created the following pages dedicated to:

Suggested Route Changes                Ideas for New Routes                Routes that could use Better Signage

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