Image of NC I-73 Shield, from Shield's Up! Segment 4

Segment of NCDOT 2017-2018 State Transportation Map with I-73 Segment 4 between Greensboro Loop and NC 68

Where:  'I-73 Connector', and Bryan Blvd. from NC 68 to Greensboro Urban Loop (Future I-73/I-840)

Length:   4 Miles

Needed:   Build New Freeway and Bring Existing Highway Up to Interstate Standards*

Completion Date: June 30, 2017 (*Segment from Loop to PTI Airport was Completed in 2009)

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Segment Info

Original I-73 Routing Plan

The routing of this segment has changed since plans for I-73 were first proposed. Initially it was assumed I-73 was to be routed onto NC 68 south from the end of the NC 68-US 220 connector to I-40. Though NC 68 is a divided highway for this entire length, it is not actually a freeway for 1/3 of a mile between the I-40 interchange and the Triad Center Drive intersection (which has a stoplight). The freeway portion north of there is also not up to Interstate standards with narrow shoulders and insufficient ramp acceleration and deceleration lanes. The current interchange between NC 68 and I-40 would also have had to be vastly upgraded, something not done when I-40 was widened a few years ago.

Impetus for Routing Change

In May 2003, the Greensboro Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization announced major highway planning initiatives around the Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA). Their proposals included a new 6-lane freeway to start at a relocated Bryan Boulevard and running to the proposed eastern half of the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway (later dubbed the I-73/74 Connector, listed as an unfunded project in the 2009-2015 STIP) with an additional spur leading to I-40 west of Greensboro at the split of Interstate 40 and Business 40 and a new I-73 routing which, from the NC 68-US 220 connector, put I-73 briefly onto NC 68 and then onto Bryan Boulevard (the western part to be relocated due to the need for a new airport runway for the FedEx hub facility) to the Greensboro Urban Loop freeway (I-840). (For a map of these proposed highways and more about this Future NC Interstate, go look at my NC Future Interstates Site). The impetus for this new route was to avoid the expensive reworking of the NC 68 interchange with I-40 and to take I-73 traffic off of I-40 between Winston-Salem and Greensboro.1,2 In August 2003, NCDOT added all the Greensboro MPO PTIA area highway proposals to its list of Division projects, committing state funds to more fully study the proposals, and build them once approved.

Plans Affected by New Interchange Built for PTI Airport

In March 2004 NCDOT let the $44.3 million contract for the construction of the Bryan Boulevard relocation and the PTI Airport Authority gave permission to the contractor to start construction on April 23, 2004.3,4 The relocated highway opened in November 2006 and included a new, temporary, entrance to the airport. Eventually by the time the Hub opened in 2009 a permanent airport interchange involving four bridges and nine ramps was completed to connect Bryan Blvd to the PTI terminals.5 (The other roadways proposed by the Greensboro MPO, if built, won't be constructed until at least 2020.)

New I-73 Routing Plan Studied by NCDOT

Though NCDOT never announced a change in I-73's route, maps put out by NCDOT, both for their Strategic Highway Corridors initiative and regarding their US64/NC 49 corridor study showed Bryan Blvd between NC 68 and the Greensboro Loop as I-73. (To look at a Loop map and other connected projects,go to the NCDOT project map). And it was also shown in the map above from a report on the economic benefits of I-73 and I-74 (see the I-73/I-74 Links page), which says the routing information came from NCDOT. The 2009-2015 STIP, however, only listed a feasibility study in progress (Number FS-0507A) "To Determine Routing of Future I-73 in the Greensboro Area."6 At a June 2005 meeting in Greensboro when NCDOT announced the start of this study they said it could take two years to complete and would involve looking at four 15-mile corridors (two of which a spokesman said were almost likely to be ruled out, one of which was a route using US 220 south of Summerfield to the Greensboro Loop that would have required cutting through some of Greensboro's water supply lakes, the other was probably the routing along NC 68 to I-40), up to three miles of which would involve new construction. Greensboro officials stated at the time that they would like the study completed sooner, since the building of the FedEx hub had increased development pressures in the area and they would like to know as soon as possible what land should be preserved for I-73.9 The study was to produce a recommendation by July 2007, however, no formal announcement was ever made, and the feasibility study was still listed in the 2007 STIP.

New I-73 Routing Plan Eventually Revealed

A newspaper article in early August 2007 indicated that it was 'likely' I-73 would be routed on the Greensboro Urban Loop from US 220 to Bryan Blvd, as depicted in previous NCDOT documents.(7) At a public meeting in Summerfield later in September 2007 NCDOT officials discussed the two options for an I-73 interchange with NC 150 before local residents. This would only be needed if I-73 would be using the NC68-US 220 Connector.8 Finally, signs put up along the completed Greensboro Loop section in December 2007 referred to the route as either 'Future I-73/I-840' or 'I-40/I-73,' clinching the new route as official (see photo in Segment 5). Signs on Bryan Blvd at the the Loop interchange, however, only indicated 'To I-40, Winston-Salem.' A photo below shows that the new road built near the future Airport interchange may be up to Interstate standards, the interchange will be around the corner where a traffic lighted intersection currently exists. The roadway beyond the lights to the Greensboro Loop interchange appears to be built to interstate standards as well. The study's apparent recommendation came in October 2008, NCDOT and the Greensboro MPO agreed on a plan which takes I-73 off the Loop at Bryan Blvd then takes Bryan Blvd west about 1.8 miles beyond the airport interchange. Following this interchange, I-73 will continue west but be routed on a new freeway 1.2 miles long to an upgraded NC 68 where it will turn north where after less than a mile it will leave on the NC 68-US 220 connector (See I-73 Segment 3). The cost of upgrading all 3 miles between NC 68 and the Loop was estimated to be $144.3 million according to the 2014-2023 STIP released in September 2012.10

Construction Plans Provide Clues as to Future I-73 Signage between Loop and NC 68 North

In July 2013, NCDOT released plans for constructing the next segment of the Greensboro Loop from Bryan Blvd to US 220/Battleground Ave to start in the fall of 2013. As part of the project, the exits on the I-73 portion of the Loop north of I-40 will be changed to reflect I-73 mileage. The exit number for W. Friendly Road will changed from 2 to 104 and I-73 and Bryan Blvd will become 107 northbound, remaining Exit 3 the other direction. The exit signs will also be updated along the current Bryan Blvd section between the Loop and the PTI Airport exit. The exit sign will read Old Oak Ridge Road/ PTI GSO Airport and will be given the exit number 109. I-73 North signage accompanying the exit 109 signage will list Martinsville, VA as a destination, or control, city. It is unknown whether NCDOT plans to change the exit signs and numbers along the existing roadways at the end of the project, or while the next segment of the Loop is being constructed.11 Here's a few images of the signage plans for Bryan Blvd, these signs started going up in April 2016, see the photo section for images of the first two signs shown below:

Section of singage plan for PTI Airport Exit off I-73, from NCDOT
Image of plans for future I-73 exit signs on Bryan Blvd.
Image of plans for I-73 signage on Bryan Blvd, from NCDOT

Here are a few more images of signage plans along the "I-73 Connector" portion of this segment, from contributor, Strider going North to South:

Plans for NC 68 exit sign off of I-73 North in Greensboro, from Strider

Plans for 1 Mile advance sign for NC 68 along I-73 North along segment that parallels NC 68.

Plan and location for NC 68 exit 1/2 mile advance sign on I-73 South in Greensboro, from StriderPlan showing location for NC 68 South 1/2 Mile Advance sign on I-73 South.

Plans for overhead signs approaching NC 68 on I-73 North from Bryan Blvd, from StriderView of overhead signs to be placed along I-73 North just after splitting from Bryan Blvd and heading west toward NC 68.

Plans for overhead signage for NC 68 South and PTI Airport exits off of I-73 South in Greensboro, from StriderOverhead signage to be placed at NC 68 exit on I-73 South with 1 1/2 mile Advance Sign for PTI Airport, I-73 to turn to the east after the exit.

Plan of overhead signage along NC 68 at I-73 on-ramps, from StriderOverhead signage at ramps from NC 68 to I-73 at northern end of parallel section.

Plans for signage on I-73 South at PTI Airport in Greensboro, from StriderOverhead signage to be placed at PTI Airport exit on I-73 South with advance signage for I-840 Greensboro Loop, the northbound versio of the Exit 107 sign is up and can be seen in the photo section below.

Plans for PTI Airport interchange ramp signage with guide sign for I-73 North, from StriderSignage to be placed along ramp system for PTI/Old Oak Ridge Road interchange that will guide non-airport traffic to I-73 North.

No new overhead signs have gone up along Bryan Blvd East for the I-840 Loop interchange.  For now, NCDOT has posted several To I-73 South trailblazers along Bryan Blvd. heading east such as seen through this link to Google Street View.

Construction Timetable for I-73 Connector Moved Up to May 2014

Meanwhile, it was announced in late May 2013 that the timetable for construction of the I-73 Connector had been moved up from 2016 to the Spring 2014, pending the completion of an environmental assessment by URS Corp. The I-73 construction project (Tip No. I-5110) also includes building an additional taxiway for PTI Airport and developers of land adjacent to the airport, that can only be reached by the new taxiway, urged the timing of the project to be sped up so not to lose out on the major manufacturing companies that would like to build there. The NCDOT spokesman indicated if the project started on schedule, it could be completed during 2015.12 In September 2013 NCDOT posted the letting list for its Design-Build Projects over the next year. The I-73 Connector project was now combined with the project to build the 'NC 68-US 220 Connector', TIP Project R-2413, Parts A and B, and the combined design-build contract was let in April 2014 and work started in early May. The project was awarded to a joint venture of  Flatiron Constructors and Blythe Development Co. for $176.6 million. Work has started on clearing the freeway's path and removing dirt for construction of the taxiway near the PTI Airport. As of the first week of February 2017 work was 94.2% complete. This is the latest information I have because in late March NCDOT dropped the project page from its Progress Report website. The completion date for the entire project (from PTI Airport to US 220) is now listed as October 2017.13 However, in January 2016, NCDOT officials indicated that the later date was for the taxiway not I-73, and that they planned to open the entire stretch of I-73 from the Airport to US 220 (see Segment 3) by the end of 2016.14 However, a report surfaced in December that the entire stretch from PTI Airport to US 220 would not open until the work in Segment 4 was complete, hopefully by May 2017. Though, as of October 2016, revisions to the work contract have moved the completion date for the I-73 Connector portion back to June 2017, now officially set for June 30, unless there are weather related issue.15 NCDOT also announced on July 9, 2015 that the project that will complete the final upgrades to the I-73/Bryan Boulevard/I-840 Greensboro Loop interchange (work originally part of the I-73 Connector project contract, but separated out before that was awarded) was awarded to Flatiron/Blythe for $5 million. Work began on September 8, 2015 and the project was competed in October 2016, with the exception of remaining work needed on the southbound ramp to I-840 along with planting, reforestation and permanent vegetation with the ramp work supposed to be completed as of late November 2016. Earlier, in May the new Inman Road bridge was completed, and was opened to traffic in June 2016.16

Progress on this segment as of early February 2017 as reported by contributor Strider:

Exit 107: I-73/I-840/Bryan Blvd interchange: Work has been completed on rebuilding the interchange, and widening of the ramps to I-73 North from 2 to 3 lanes and adding a lane to the ramp that will carry I-73 South onto the Loop.

PTI Taxiway area: The taxiway bridge is finished. Work to fully grade the future I-73 roadway underneath is still under construction, however.

Future Exit 110: I-73 / NC 68 South interchange: Work is proceeding on completing the bridges near the Pleasant Ridge Rd intersection and ramps are graded along interchange itself.17

For diagrams of the route to be constructed and, possibly, the latest news, on the project, visit the NCDOT site:

NCDOT construction website banner for I-73 project

Photos from Segment 4 (Hover over to Get Larger Image):

Latest Photos from June 4 and 8, 2017, courtesy of Strider:

Image taken of construction along closed section of Bryan Blvd in Greensboro showing progress in constructing Future I-73 Connector to NC 68, from StriderView from Old Oak Ridge bridge over Bryan Blvd. showing progress in paving Future I-73 lanes back toward Flyover Bridge that will connect I-73 to Bryan Blvd.

Image taken of closed section of Bryan Blvd as tie-in is being constructed to Future I-73 near PTI Airport in Greensboro, from StriderSimilar view to above, traffic can be seen on the left heading east toward PTI Airport on part of Bryan Blvd. that will be permanently closed after the I-73 Connector is complete.

Image taken of I-73 Connector construction seen from NC 68 North in Greensboro, by StriderNow the view from NC 68 North approaching the I-73 South interchange, the future NC 68 South ramp, now paved, can be seen on the left.

Image taken of overhead signs for I-73 interchanges with NC 68 near PTI Airport in Greensboro, from StriderOverhead sign assembly at Future NC 68 North ramp, also paved, to I-73 South with I-73 North Exit sign and awaiting I-73 South sign when work completed.

Image taken of ramp construction ant Future I-73 South and NC 68 North interchange in Greensboro, from StriderA closer look at the nearly completed NC 68 North ramp to I-73 South.

Image of construction at future NC 68 North exit ramp to I-73 South in Greensboro, from StriderAnother look at the Future I-73 South ramp area showing more landscaping work needs to be completed approaching the NC 68 South ramp bridge.

Image of new bridge being constructed for NC 68 South Ramp from I-73 North in Greensboro, by StriderCloser look at landscaping underway at Future I-73 North ramp to NC 68 South, with ramp bridge still being constructed over NC 68. Future I-73 bridges over NC 68 do not appear complete in the distance.

Image taken of future I-73 North and South bridges over NC 68 in Greensboro, from StriderCloser look at I-73 bridges shows work still needed on the bridge structure along with work in the median approaching the bridge. The new Pleasant Ridge Road intersection can be seen under the bridge.

Image taken of view looking across NC 68 and Future I-73 roadway in Greensboro, by StriderLooking across NC 68 South toward Future I-73 roadway showing guardrail installation has begun.

Image taken of view of Opened I-73 North ramp from NC 68 North in Greensboro, by StriderApproaching opened I-73 North Ramp from NC 68 showing work proceeding on unopened I-73 bridges over NC 68.

Previous Photo from May 20, 2017, courtesy of Strider:

Image taken from Old Oak Ridge Rd bridge over Bryan Blvd showing progress in connecting I-73 to existing roadway, from StriderLatest image of progress in creating link between existing Bryan Blvd. and remaining segment of I-73 continuing to NC 68. Appears to be some pavement put down by Taxiway Bridge.

Previous photos from May 8, 2017, courtesy of Strider

Image taken of construction along Bryan Blvd near PTI Airport to connect with future I-73 roadway, from StriderView from Ramp to PTI Airport of progress connecting section of Bryan Blvd closed to traffic on April 29 to the I-73 Connector roadway to NC 68.

Image taken of construction on Bryan Blvd near PTI Airport to connect to future I-73 roadway to NC 68, from StriderAnother view showing progress straightening the curve of Bryan Blvd to connect with the Future I-73 lanes going under the taxiway bridge. Project is scheduled to be complete by the end of June.

Earlier Photos from April 29, 2017, courtesy of Strider

Image taken of view from north NC 68 of nearly completed Future I-73 interchange, by StriderLooking north along NC 68 North showing overhead signage (covered) and lane striping and for Future I-73 interchange largely completed.

Image of View along NC 68 North in Greensboro of nearly completed interchange with I-73 North, by StriderA closer look at the future interchange, the only apparently item still to install prior to opening are signage for the ramps and exit signage for the I-73 lanes.

Previous Photos from March 30, 2017

Image showing construction of I-73 bridges at intersection of Pleasant Ridge Rd and NC 68 in GreensboroLooking west toward the intersection of Pleasant Ridge Road and NC 68 showing bridges being constructed for future I-73 lanes.

Image showing construction of I-73 bridges at intersection of Pleasant Ridge Rd and NC 68 in GreensboroView of the intersection of Pleasant Ridge Road and NC 68 showing bridges being constructed behind for future I-73 lanes and further behind for NC 68 South exit.

Image showing view along NC 68 North past intersection of Pleasant Ridge Rd, showing widening of NC 68 in GreensboroNow traveling north on NC 68 showing progress widening the roadway between the two I-73 exits.

Image showing widening of NC 68 betweent intersection of Pleasant Ridge Rd and I-73 Exit in GreensboroLooking further north on NC 68 showing widening continuing up to future I-73 North bridges.

Image showing construction of northern set of I-73 bridges from NC 68 North in GreensboroCloser view of almost completed bridges at future interchange between I-73 and NC 68 North.

Image showing construction of I-73 bridges at intersection of Pleasant Ridge Rd and NC 68 in GreensboroTraveling under Future I-73 North bridge over NC 68 with southbound bridge just beyond showing structure is mostly complete.

Image showing construction of Future I-73 South interchange with NC 68 North in GreensboroBeyond the bridges, now looking further north at future off-ramp from I-73 South to NC 68 North with traffic signals having been installed and widening nearly complete.

Image showing construction of I-73 bridges at future interchange with NC 68 South in GreensboroNow turning around and heading south on NC 68 showing the overhead sign for the Future I-73 North exit being installed, though covered over. The pull-through sign for NC 68 not yet installed.

Image showing construction progress on future I-73 North exit from NC 68 South in GreensboroFurther on NC 68 South approaching the future interchange with I-73 South.

Image showing signage for Future I-73 North interchange with NC 68 South in GreensboroBefore traveling under the I-73 bridges a second set of overhead signs has been installed, this including a pull-through for NC 68. It appears there will be two left lanes available for traffic accessing I-73 North.

Image showing construction along NC 68 South for I-73 Borth interchange in GreensboroBeyond the bridges are the installed traffic lights for the NC 68 South on-ramp to I-73 North.

Image showing widening of NC 68 South between I-73 interchanges in GreensboroAlong NC 68 South now between the two I-73 interchanges showing progress widening the roadway.

Image showing support posts for future signage along NC 68 in I-73 construction zone in GreensboroAlong the side of NC 68 South sat several support posts for future I-73 signage.

Image showing construction of future I-73 lane bridges south of intersection of Pleasant Ridge Rd and NC 68 in GreensboroLooking south at the intersection of NC 68 South and Pleasant Ridge Road at the bridges being built for Future I-73 lanes.

Image showing I-73 bridges being built over NC 68 south of Pleasant Ridge Rd in GreensboroNow traveling under the Future I-73 North lanes bridge with the southbound bridge after. The ramp bridge for NC 68 South traffic from I-73 North in the distance.

Image showing construction of I-73 NC 68 South Exit bridge from NC 68 South in GreensboroLooking closer at progress building the bridge to carry NC 68 South traffic from I-73 North.

Image showing exit signage along NC 68 South in Greensboro that will be used by I-73 traffic temporarily in 2017Now beyond the construction zone on NC 68 South, showing the current overhead exit sign for Bryan Blvd. I-73 traffic will use this exit temporarily after the NC 68-US 220 opens but before the Future I-73 lanes are completed between NC 68 and Bryan Blvd. by the Airport.

Image showing Bryan Blvd exit signage on NC 68 South, interchange to be used by I-73 traffic in GreensboroNow on Bryan Blvd. heading east, temporary I-73 traffic will see this trailblazer prior to the Old Oak Ridge Road/PTI Airport exit. (This part of Bryan Blvd. will be disconnected from the I-73 portion when work is complete.)

Image showing signage for Future I-73 at PTI Airport off-ramp to Bryan Blvd. in GreensboroNow on the other side of the airport looking at the future ramp split for I-73 North access to PTI Airport and Oak Ridge Road traffic to Future I-73 North (current Bryan Blvd. West), sorry for the rain drops.

Image showing construction of I-73 PTI Airport Taxiway bridge from Ramp to Bryan Blvd. West in GreensboroView from the top of the Bryan Blvd. (Future I-73 North) on-ramp showing constuction ahead for the I-73 Connector to NC 68 and the PTI Taxiway Bridge.

Image showing construction of I-73 Connector and PTI Taxiway bridge from ramp to Bryan Blvd in GreensboroA closer look at the progress in completing the I-73 Connector to NC 68 and Taxiway Bridge from the PTI Airport on-ramp onto west Bryan Blvd.

Image showing construction of I-73 Connector and PTI Taxiway bridge from Bryan Blvd in GreensboroLooking closely at the PTI Taxiway bridge from Bryan Blvd. as the roadway turns south toward NC 68. Notice that paving has not begun on the I-73 lanes putting some doubt on May's proposed opening date.

Image showing I-73 trailblazers on Bryan Blvd East of the PTI Airport in GreensboroNow on to the completed section of Bryan Blvd. upgraded to interstate standards between PTI Airport/Old Oak Ridge Road and the Greensboro Urban Loop. Here are a pair of To I-73 South trailblazers heading east prior to the 1/2 mile advance sign for the Loop.

Image showing an I-73 trailblazer at interchange with the Greensboro Urban Loop on Bryan Blvd East in GreensboroJust prior to the Loop exit is another To I-73 South trailblazer. This will presumably be taken down when the I-73 Connector is completed and the signs are upgraded reflecting the official I-73 designation.

Image showing I-73 trailblazer at interchange ramp to Greensboro Urban Loop from Bryan Blvd East in GreensboroThe last To I-73 trailblazer is before the future split between traffic heading for I-840 East and I-73 South toward I-40.

Image showing overhead signage at future split of I-840 East and I-73 South on ramp from Bryan Blvd East in GreensboroA closer look of what will be the split for I-840 East and I-73 South traffic at the interchange with Bryan Blvd.

Previous Photos by Site contributor Strider from February 2017:

Image of view from NC 68 North near Pleasant Ridge Rd, showing grading of future I-73 ramp, from StriderNew photo taken on February 19 from NC 68 North showing progress grading future ramps for I-73 from the direction of Bryan Blvd.

Image of view along NC 68 South at northern I-73 bridges showing progress in constructing spans, from Strider From earlier in February, taken from NC 68 South, showing progress in building ramp bridges to and from I-73 North (NC 68-US 220 Connector) over the roadway.

Image of view looking south at Pleasant Ridge Rd showing progress in constructing I-73 main bridge, from Strideron NC 68 of progress building bridges for I-73 North over roadway, from StriderFurther south in NC 68 prior to Pleasant Ridge Road showing one bridge built over the roadway for the I-73 connector to Bryan Blvd., while others remain to be completed.

Image of view of PTI Airport Taxiway bridge being built over future I-73 lanes as seen from Bryan Blvd, from StriderOn the other side of the construction project, a closeup view of the PTI Taxiway bridge over the future I-73 lanes, as seen from Bryan Blvd.

Earlier Photos from Site contributor Strider from December 2016:

Image of I-73 construction seen from NC 68 North in Greensboro, by StriderLooking north on NC 68 entering I-73 construction zone showing progress in building ramps that will take I-73 across the highway.

Image of bridges being built to carry I-73 traffic over NC 68 in Greensboro, from StriderClose up view of bridge supporting structures being built near Pleasant Ridge Road for future I-73 bridges.

Image of new bridges being built for I-73 along NC 68 near Pleasant Ridge Road in Greensboro, from StriderLooking at bridges being built on opposite side of NC 68 near Pleasant Ridge Road with crane for placing supports above the roadway.

On the other side by Bryan Blvd:

Image of I-73 construction seen from Bryan Blvd near PTI Airport, by StriderView looking west on Bryan Blvd to start of Future I-73 Connector showing a clearer view of the Taxiway under construction now that a hill in front along the path of I-73 has been removed.

Image of construction of new I-73 roadway and PTI Airport Taxiway as seen from Bryan Blvd, by StriderCloser look from Bryan Blvd. at I-73 roadway and PTI Airport Taxiway bridge construction, photo taken by Strider on 12/28/16.

Previous Photos by Strider, date on lower right corner, starting in November 2016:

Image of future I-73 interchange under construction as seen from NC 68 North, by StriderView from NC 68 North approaching I-73 interchange area, work has recently been restarted in this area.

Image taken from NC 68 North showing progress in building I-73 South onramp to NC 68 South, by StriderFurther north on NC 68 looking across the highway at progress in building the future on-ramp from I-73 South to NC 68 South.

Image showing progress of building new I-73 interchange with NC 68 in Greensboro, from StriderAnother photo taken from NC 68 north showing the future widened roadway in vicinity of the Future I-73 interchange.

Image of nearly completed I-73 bridges over NC 68 in Greensboro, by StriderFurther north on NC 68 approaching nearly completed future I-73 bridges.


Bryan Blvd Area (Photos by Strider from October 2016):

Image of future I-73 roadway under construction as seen from on-ramp from PTI Airport exit on Bryan Blvd., by StriderView from the top of the ramp from Old Oak Ridge Rd to Bryan West (I-73 North) showing that the PTI Taxiway is about to be completed.

Image taken at end of Regional Road showing progress in building the NC 68 flyover bridge, by StriderNC 68 AREA-View at the north end of Regional Road where you can see the NC 68 South flyover taking shape that will take traffic to NC 68 south from I-73 North.

Image showing progress of building new I-73 bridge over Pleasant Ridge Road in Greensboro, from StriderTaken from NC 68 north facing the relocated Pleasant Ridge Rd intersection. Traffic has been taken off the old road so they can start working on the completing the main I-73 bridges that currently ends abruptly on the left side of the photo.

Image of new I-73 bridges being constructed over NC 68 north of Pleasant Ridge Road in Greensboro, by StriderTaken further north on NC 68 approaching the next set of I-73 bridges. The crews are working on placing the road decks on the bridges. To the right is the ramp to the US 220/NC 68 connector that should be open by the end of the year.

Image looking south on NC 68 at Pleasant Ridge Road showing future I-73 flyover bridge under construction, from StriderView from NC 68 South at the relocated Pleasant Ridge Road intersection showing the I-73 flyover bridges under construction that will carry I-73 over NC 68 to the I-73 connector to Bryan Blvd.

Image of ramp to Bryan Blvd from I-804, Future I-73 North showing paving project completed, from NCDOT Traffic cameraView from NCDOT Traffic Camera showing completion of paving project along Future I-73 North ramp from the I-840 Greensboro Loop to Bryan Blvd. Photo taken 8/18/16.

Image of partially completed paving upgrade of Bryan Blvd to become I-73 as seen from Inman Rd bridge. Photo by StriderView from Inman Road on August 20, 2016 showing recent paving on future I-73 Northbound lanes continuing from ramp from I-840 East onto Bryan Blvd. Work is to start on revising ramp from Bryan Blvd to I-840 Greensboro Loop West to contain two lanes later this month, photo by Strider.

Image of future I-73 roadway along Bryan Blvd. from Inman Rd Bridge, photo by StriderView from New Inman Road Bridge shows Bryan Blvd (Future I-73) northbound lanes being widening and paved for the ramp merge onto I-73 from I-840 East. Facing west toward Exit 109, the PTI-GSO Airport and Old Oak Ridge Rd interchange.

Image of Bryan Blvd (Future I-73) from Inman Road Bridge looking toward interchange with Greensboro Loop, Photo by StriderAnother view from new Inman Road Bridge, but facing East toward the future I-840 interchange (Exit 107) showing widening being done to future I-73 on-ramp.

View of construction progress for new PTI taxiway over I-73 Connector Roadway in Greensboro, photo by StriderView of Future I-73 North from PTI Airport exit on-ramp showing the PTI Taxiway over Future I-73 lanes in the distance nearly completed.

Image of new overhead signage showing I-73/I-840 Loop exit in Bryan Blvd. West, from MazdaStriderImage of new overhead signage put up in April 2016 that has first use of I-73 South and I-840 West for the South Loop exit. The blank space on left sign is for I-73 North. According to the sign plans above, Raleigh was to be covered over until I-840 was completed. Photo courtesy of MazdaStrider.

Image of new exit sign with I-73 Milepost Number for PTI Airport on Bryan Blvd West (Future I-73 North), from MazdaStriderAnother new overhead exit set after the Loop exit features the Future I-73 exit number for the PTI/Old Oak Ridge Rd Exit, Photo courtesy of MazdaStrider.

Image from Oak Ridge Rd showing nearly complete left bore of PTI Airport Taxiway over future I-73, from StiderView from Oak Ridge Rd/Airport exit by Strider on June 13, 2016 showing nearly complete left bore for future Airport Taxiway over I-73 with work on the right bore continuing.

Image of future pathway of I-73 being cleared where it will connect with Bryan Blvd. Photo by StriderView from on-ramp from PTI Airport Exit looking at cleared area for I-73 North and construction of new taxiway for PTI Airport, from Strider, May 2016.

Closer view of new I-73 alignment west of Bryan Blvd and construction activity related to PTI Airport Taxiway, from Strider May 
        2016Closer look at future I-73 alignment leaving Bryan Blvd with construction of PTI Airport taxiway in distance. Photo courtesy of Strider, May 2016.

Image of Future Pathway of I-73 being cleared where it will connect with Bryan Blvd., Photo by Strider.Looking west at clearing at eastern end of project area, I-73 will go straight onto the Connector as Bryan Blvd. curves to the left. (Photo courtesy of Strider, August 2015).

View from dead end of Regional Rd, showing equipment used for taxiway construction over Future I-73 lanes, from StriderLooking from now dead end of Regional Rd looking at construction equipment building the taxiway over the future I-73 highway lanes. Photo courtesy of Strider, May 2016.

Image of new bridge under construction as seen from Future I-73 North lanes, from StriderView from the future I-73 Northbound lanes looking at bridge being constructed over highway. Photo courtesy of Strider, May 2016.

Image looking east from I-73 Northbound lanes back towards PTI Airport showing clearing for future I-73 RoadwayView from future I-73 North Lanes looking east toward PTI Airport showing progress in grading roadbed.

Image from NC 68 North near Pleasant Ridge Rd. of the massive clearings for the 
interchange (and the reroute of Pleasant Ridge Rd), by Strider Traveling along NC 68 North, near Pleasant Ridge Rd. viewing the clearing for the future interchange with I-73 (and a rerouted Pleasant Ridge Rd).

Image showing the intersection of Pleasant Ridge and NC 68 and construction of bridge 
piers for I-73, photo by StriderLooking at the intersection of Pleasant Ridge and NC 68 and the start of construction of bridge piers for I-73 to go over NC 68 and Pleasant Ridge Rd.

Image of future Pleasant Ridge Rd where the reroute of will go under I-73, by StriderFrom the route of Future Pleasant Ridge Rd, the road will go under I-73. These three piers under construction will carry the NC 68 south ramp, I-73 Southbound lanes, and I-73 Northbound lanes.

View of Pleasant Ridge Road at the NC 68 intersection, showing the massive clearing 
underway where I-73 will turn east to connect with Bryan Blvd., photo by StriderLooking at Pleasant Ridge Road at the NC 68 intersection where you can see the massive clearing taken place where I-73 will turn to the east to connect with Bryan Blvd (avoiding the water tower?)

Image from North NC 68, view of construction of hill in preparation of Future I-73 
bridges over NC 68 and NC 68 interchange.Traveling farther north on NC 68, you can see the hill being made in order to build future I-73 bridges over NC 68 and for the future NC 68 North interchange.

Comment: If the freeways proposed by the Greensboro Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization between Bryan Blvd and I-40 and/or Bryan Blvd. to I-74 along the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway are constructed, why not give one an interstate designation such as I-273?

Image of I-73 NC shield from Shields Up!