North Carolina's New and Future Interstates*

The following is a list of Interstate highways in North Carolina either proposed, planned, partially completed, or completed within the past 5 years. For additional information, where available, click on the link(s) below the highway number**:

NC Interstate 26 Shield Image, from Shields Up!I-26 Connector, Asheville


NCDOT's I-26 Connector Project Site

I-42 North Carolina shield image from Shields Up!US 70, I-40 to Morehead Cityf

Image of Future Interstate 42 sign recently placed on US 70 near Kinston, from Mike Erickson


                                               I-42 Preliminary Exit List

NCDOT's I-70 Corridor Study Site

     NCDOT's US 70 Goldsboro Bypass Site

        NCDOT's US 70 Havelock Bypass Site

               NCDOT's US 70 Kinston Bypass Site

                                    NCDOT's US 70 James City Improvements Site

                                   Highway 70 Corridor Commission (Super 70) Site

AARoads Interstate Guide - I-42

I-87 North Carolina Shield image from Shields Up!Interstate 87, Raleigh to Norfolk, VA (Updated 5/8/18)f

Part complete, Remainder Planned

        I-87 Preliminary Exit List

Regional Transportation Alliance's Raleigh to Norfolk Corridor Site

AARoads Interstate Guide - I-87 in NC

Image of NC Interstate 73 shield, from Shields Up! Interstate 73 (Updated 11/9/18)

Partially Complete-Under Construction

Image of NC Interstate 74 shield, from Shields Up! Interstate 74 (Updated 12/3/18)

Partially Complete-Under Construction

Image of NC Interstate 140 shield, from Shields Up!   Wilmington Bypass (Updated 8/22/18)


Image of NC 140 shield, from wikimedia

Governor Easley's 8/22/05 Ribbon Cutting Remarks

Route Description and Photos (AA Roads)

 Image of NC 295 shield, 
from Shields Up!Image of Interstate Future Banner, from Shields Up!
Image of NC Interstate 295 shield, from Shields Up! Fayetteville Outer Loop (Updated 11/10/18)

Partially Complete-Under Construction

NCDOT 2005 Ribbon Cutting Remarks

NCDOT August 2016 Ribbon Cutting Press Release

Image of NC Interstate 74 shield, from Shields Up! Image of NC Interstate 274 shield, from Shields Up! a Winston-Salem Northern Beltway (Updated 6/10/18)

Planned-Under Construction

NCDOT's Northern Beltway Project Site

Route Description (

Image of NC Interstate 285 shield, from Shields Up! I-85 Winston-Salem Connector (Updated 11/30/18)

I-85 to I-40 Section Completed, signed in November 2018

I-40 to I-74 Section Planned

Route Description (

Route Description (

Image of NC Interstate 485 shield, from Shields Up! Charlotte Outerbelt


Image of NC Interstate 495 shield, from Shields Up! Connecting I-95 to Raleigh (Signed 2014-2017)

Route Now to be Signed as I-87, FHWA Decommissioned Route in Feb. 2017

See webpage for Historical Overview and Photos

Image of NC Interstate 540 shield, from Shields Up! Image of NC 540 shield, from Shields Up! Raleigh Outer Loop b

Partially Complete, Remainder Planned

Free Portion (I-540)

Toll Portion (NC 540)

NCDOT's Western Wake Freeway Project Site

Triangle Expressway Map in 2009 NCTA Annual Report

My 15 Minutes of Fame

Image of NC Interstate 785 shield, from Shields Up! Greensboro to Danville (VA)

Partially Complete, Remainder Planned 

See Greensboro Urban Loop page for the completed section of I-785

Route Description and Photo (AA Roads)

I-785 Article on Wikipedia

Image of NC Interstate 795 shield, from Shields Up! Wilson-Goldsboro Freeway (Updated 11/30/18)

(I-95 at US 264 to US 70)

Complete*/Extension planned starting in 2027

I-795 Exit List

Image of NC Interstate 73 shield, from Shields Up! Image of NC Interstate 85 shield, from Shields Up! Image of NC Interstate 785 shield, from Shields Up! Image of NC Interstate 840 shield, from Shields Up! Image of US 421 shield, from Shields Up! Greensboro Urban Loop c

Part Complete-Rest Under Construction

(Updated 12/3/18)

Official NCDOT Greensboro Urban Loop Website

Northern half (I-840) Description and Photos (AA Roads)

Image of Interstate 885 NC shield, from Shields Up!Durham East End-RTP Connector (Updated 12/3/18)

Under Construction

This proposed interstate, not officially approved, would run from the current I-85/US 70 interchange in Durham to I-40 once construction of the East End Connector is completed in 2020.

AARoads Interstate Guide - I-885


Image of I-587 Interstate shield, from Shields Up!Greenville Interstate 87 Connector (Updated 1/18/18)


This future interstate will run from US 64 (Future I-87) at Zebulon east to Greenville along an upgraded US 264. This proposal was announced by NCDOT on Sept. 7, 2016g with the agency sending applications for the proposal to be approved by AASHTO at their October 2016 meeting in Boston and to the FHWA. AASHTO's Committee on US Route Numbering rejected the application on 10/26/16, however, the Special Committee on Highways, of which the US Route Numbering committee is part, apparently overruled them and approved the designation at their meeting in Boston on 11/13/16.h The FHWA sent a letter approving the route as an addition to the interstate system on 11/21/16.i It is unknown at this time when any part of the route will be signed. Officials from the Greenville area lobbied state and federal agencies for the city, the largest in NC without an interstate connection, for a spur route once the I-87 designation was approved.

A Future I-587 sign courtesy of JTL:

Future I-587 sign put up on US 264 in Wilson County, from JTL

I-587 Preliminary Exit List

Map of NC Future Interstates posted on NCDOT website, December 2017:

Image of NC Future Interstate routes as of Dec. 2017, by NCDOT

Future, Future NC Interstates?

Other Possible Interstate routes that have been suggested to NCDOT
(Updated 2/23/18)

A Few Other Future Interstate Suggestions

Completely unofficial ideas of mine

Image of NC Interstate 273 shield, from Shields Up!PTI Airport Connector

Possible number for proposed freeway that would run from I-73/Bryan Blvd near PTI Airport to split of I-40 and Business 40 west of Greensboro, or for an alternate proposal (the I-73/74 Connector) that would run the highway from Bryan Blvd. at NC 68 to the I-74 Winston-Salem Beltway (if both parts are built the part running from the I-73/74 Connector south to I-40, (called the 'I-40 Connector' in some proposals) could get another number).  The I-73/74 Connector proposal was added to the NCDOT State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) in November 2005 for environmental and planning purposes only. It was then under study by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority for a short period as to whether it could be built as a toll road. Apparently this proved unfeasible, and is no longer listed as a NCTA proposal. The proposed highways can be seen in this map courtesy of the Winston-Salem Journal:

Downloaded from:, 10/19/2005.

Image of NC Interstate 740 shield, from Shields Up!I-40 Spur*

*This was my idea for a better number for the former Business Loop 40 (Fordham Blvd.) freeway from the I-40/I-73 interchange with the I-840 Greensboro Urban Loop east to Business Loop 85. The Business 40 designation replaced I-40 when that route moved onto the Greensboro Loop in February 2008. However, in September 2008 NCDOT reversed course and put Interstate 40 back on its old route. I am looking for suggestions for where an I-740 route designation would still be useful.

Image of MA Interstate 193 shield, from Shields Up! Interstate 193 - Braintree to Cape Cod

Yes, this is not a North Carolina route, but one from my home state of Massachusetts. The proposed designation for current MA 3 between I-93 in Braintree and US 6 at the Sagamore Bridge in Bourne. If one can take an interstate spur from Providence, RI to Cape Cod why can't drivers from Boston to the Cape? Besides, doesn't America's Hometown (Plymouth) deserve its own interstate?

Some others suggest this route be I-93