Image of NC I-73 Shield, Courtesy of Shields Up!Segment 1

Map image of area containing I-73 Segment 1

Where: US 220, Virginia Border to NC 68, Rockingham County

Length: 18 Miles

Needed: Upgrade to Interstate Standards

Signed as: Image of US 220 Shield (Courtesy of Shields Up!) Image of Future I-73 shield on US 220 North near Summerfield, by Strider

Project to Start: After 2029

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Segment Info

Interstate 73 is to cross the Virginia border and enter Rockingham County on US 220. US 220 in this area is a 4-lane expressway (divided highway with at-grade intersections plus some grade-separated interchanges) which was constructed during the mid to late-1990s (the last section to be four-laned, from NC 770 to the Virginia border was completed in 1998).1 For Interstate 73 to be signed the current highway must be converted to an Interstate standard freeway (Interstates have higher specifications than normal freeways, some of specs include (at least) 12' wide lanes, 12 foot wide right shoulders, 10 foot wide left shoulders, 36 foot (in rural areas) or 10 foot medians (urban or mountainous areas), and design speeds of either 60 mph (urban) or 70 mph (rural), for more about interstate standards, go to the AASHTO standards page).

Currently there are no active projects listed through 2029 in NCDOT's Draft 2020-2029 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) to upgrade this highway. As part of the 2020-2029 STIP planning process, two projects to upgrade US 220 to Interstate Standards were included among the projects ranked as to regional importance. The projects, from NC 68 to US 311 North and from there to the Virginia border, did not rank high enough to be automatically included among funded projects through 2029. Therefore, unless things change when the new final STIP is released in July, no work will begin on this segment until after 2029.3 There is one project in the Draft STIP (I-5898) to upgrade the US 220 interchange with North US 311/NC 135 and widen the bridge over US 220. Work is to cost $1.9 million and will start in 2020.4 A public meeting was held on February 21, 2019 in Mayodan to discuss the project, this is a part of the map of the proposed project produced for the meeting:4

Image of NCDOT map of future improvements to the US 220 interchange with US 311/NC 135 in Mayodan

In previous STIPs, there was listed as an unfunded project to construct a Welcome Center/Rest Area on southbound US 220 (I-73) at the Virginia border, construction to start after 2023 also.5 This project (K-4404) had been restored after being dropped from 2003 and subsequent TIP documents.6 In the Summer of 1998, at the urging of Rockingham County Economic Development officials, NCDOT put up 2 signs along this stretch indicating the highway was a "Future I-73 Corridor" (see photo below). The signs were put up for primarily economic reasons to serve as an "advertisement, meaning the attraction of (future) businesses."1 In 2016, these signs were replaced by smaller signs northbound in Madison and southbound just over the Virginia border reading "Future I-73," like this one further south on US 220 North near Summerfield, removed when the route was upgraded to I-73 in 2018:

Image of new Future I-73 sign placed along US 220 North near Summerfield, by Strider
On May 19, 2015 NCDOT let a contract to build an interchange to replace the current NC 68/US 220 intersection at the south end of this segment. In May 2017 the work was completed and US 220 traffic was rerouted along what will be the I-73 North lanes that take a bridge over NC 68 and southbound traffic now uses an off-ramp to access NC 68. Plans for the contract included those for signage that now has been placed for the exit after the project was completed. This is the plan for the 1 Mile advance exit sign along US 220 South, which matches that on a photo of the newly placed sign in the Photos section below.7 Photos of the signage are also in the photo section of I-73 Segment 2:

Image of sign plan for 1 Mile advance sign for NC 68 on US 220 South, courtesy of NCDOT

Because it was assumed the next segment of I-73 would not be completed yet when the signage was put up, the exit number tab was left for a future date. The tabs were put up in April 2018 and the number is 123 (see I-73 Exit List).


In June 2008 it was reported that NCDOT had acquired the land necessary to upgrade the US 220 highway to interstate standards once Virginia started construction on their portion. Though the routing of I-73 from the NC border to Roanoke has been approved by the FHWA, funding has only been obtained for a short portion of highway near Martinsville but work on that section, originally scheduled for 2011, has been held up, first by a lawsuit from an organization called Virginians for Appropriate Roads that advocated I-73 on a renovated US 220, which was dismissed, and then by a group of Martinsville business owners that recommended VADOT chose a new route closer to Martinsville.8 VDOT approved that new route in 2011, but it must now go through a new round of reports to the FHWA to get their approval and then funds to build it. This is the resulting routing of I-73 around Martinsville (courtesy of the Martinsville Bulletin):

On May 22, 2016, Ronald 'Skip' Russell, President of the I-73 Committee of Martinsville and Henry County in an address to the Henry County Board of Supervisors indicated that the I-73 project was dead and officials should look elsewhere to spend the money allotted them for I-73.9 In a response a few days later, Virginia state senator William M. Stanley stated that nothing could be further from the truth and that he was working with other members of the state legislature to keep funding I-73 related projects.10 In February 2017, the Virginia General Assembly approved a bill to finance I-73 construction from Roanoke to North Carolina but there are a few major catches. First, the bill involves using moneys that currently go to funding US 58 improvements, these moneys would go to I-73 only after all the planned US 58 projects are completed, which may not be until 2030. Second, for the funding to happen both the Virginia Senate and House must approve the bill again in 2018. Third, construction would not start until there would be enough money to complete the project. The US 58 fund produces about $40 million each year, but the total I-73 project cost is estimated at $4 billion.11

Regardless of the eventual decision by Virginia, NCDOT has among its preliminary list of 2020-2029 STIP projects, two to upgrade US 220 to interstate standards, one from NC 68 to US 311/NC 135 in Mayodan for $194 million and one from US 311/NC 135 to the Virginia border for $187 million. Their strategic mobility formula scores, however are only 64.5 and 54.1/100, respectively, (higher than their last scores in 2016) meaning they may not make it onto the priority list of projects to start before 2030.12 In the meanwhile, an NCDOT project let in July 2011 and completed in 2012 added guardrails along both sides of the center median of US 220 from the NC 68 intersection to the VA border, it did not close of any existing median openings and did not seal off cross traffic at current intersections, however.13

Segment Photos (Hover over image for larger view)

Most Recent Photos, Taken by Site Contributor, Strider on April 15, 2018:

Image of new blue service sign recently put up on US 220/US 311 near Mayodan, by StriderNew along this segment are blue services signs for the US 311 North/NC 135 exit, this one for camping.

Image of one of several new blue service signs placed on US 220/US 311 North near US 311 North exit in Mayodan, from StriderAnd this one awaiting restaurant logos, the final one is for gas stations, in distance.

Previous Photos, also taken by Strider on December 29, 2017:

Image of open lanes along US 220 North at end of widening project for I-73 in Rockingham County, by StriderView from US 220 North at end of US 220 widening project beyond NC 68 showing first left turn only lane after end of freeway.

Image of US 220 North U-Turn trailblazer and NC 68 1 1/2 mile advance sign on US 220 South in Rockingham County, by StriderHeading south on US 220 prior to NC 68 South exit (sign can be seen in distance) with US 220 North U-Turn trailblazer for left lane turn lane prior to start of I-73 freeway.

Previous Photos Taken by Strider on May 11, 2017:

Image of newly placed 1-Mile Exit sign for new NC 68 interchange on US 220 South in Rockingham County, by StriderNewly placed 1-Mile Advance Exit Sign for opened off-ramp to NC 68 South from US 220 South, this matches (with the exception of the missing Exit tab, that in the sign plan above.

Image taken of newly placed 1/2 mile exit sign for new NC 68 South exit from US 220 South in Rockingham County, by StriderThe next new exit sign for NC 68, 1/2 mile before the new interchange. Taken at the same place as the fifth photo from March 30, showing the progress in constructing US 220 prior to the new exit.

Image of newly opened US 220 roadway prior to new NC 68 exit in Rockingham County, by StriderView on US 220 using newly opened Future I-73 lanes approaching the new NC 68 interchange.

Recent Photos taken by Webmaster, March 30, 2017:

Image of signage at interchange of US 220 and US 311 in Rockingham CountySignage at the intersection of US 311 and US 220 near Mayodan. US 311 signage is new after extension first north to Eden then to US 58 Business in VA in 2015. This bridge is to be reconstructed in the early 2020s.

Image of signage along US 220/US 311 South (Future I-73) near MayodenReassurance markers on US 220/US 311 highway, US 311 recently added due to extension north into Virginia.

Image of Future I-73 Sign along US 220/US 311 South near Mayodan, NC Future I-73 Sign placed in 2016 by NCDOT along US 220/US 311 South.

Image of Exit Guide Sign for US 311 exit in Mayodan, NC on US 220 South Exit signage for US 311 South/NC 704 on US 220 South in Madison, this was the original northern end of US 311 prior to its extension to Virginia.

Image of US 220 South approaching NC 68 construction zone in Rockingham County, NC View of US 220 South approaching NC 68 and construction zone for building new interchange.

Image of newly placed exit signage on future I-73/US 220 lanes over NC 68 in Rockingham CountyView from US 220 South overlooking Future I-73/US 220 lanes carrying traffic over NC 68 and newly placed exit signage.

Image of US 220 and NC 68 trailblazers approaching under construction intersection in Rockingham CountyUS 220, NC 68  and To I-40 trailblazers ahead of current intersection with new I-73/US 220 lanes and bridge to the right. Signs date to when US 220 traffic had to make a left turn. Currently, US 220 traffic proceeds straight ahead of temporary traffic light and NC 68 goes right.

Image of NC 68 traffic going under recently completed Future I-73/US 220 bridge in Rockingham CountyNC 68 South traffic using future Northbound I-73 on-ramp to go under completed bridge that will carry I-73 and US 220 South traffic to Greensboro.

I-73 Corridor Sign on US 220 North of GreensboroPrevious photos:

Former I-73 Corridor sign along US 220 North near Madison, replaced in 2016. Photo courtesy of Chris Curley (via Adam Prince). (2/19/2000)

Here are some photos taken along the corridor in April 2013 by Site Contributor, Strider:

Exit sign on US 220 near Madison, NCThis is recent exit signage along US 220 north near Mayodan. NCDOT put up these new signs in 2012 to account for the US 311 extension then to Eden, NC (now further extended to Business US 58 in Virginia). (4/7/13)

Overhead Exit sign for US 311 on US 220 North near Madison, NC by Strider Apr 
2013NCDOT overhead signage near Madison also now accounts for the US 311 extension then to Eden, NC (and along US 220 North). (4/7/13)

Exit sign for US 311 South on US 220 North near Madison, NC, by Strider Apr 
2013Another new sign put up in 2012 to account for the US 311 extension. US 311 formerly ended at US 220 Business. (4/7/13)

Here are some other photos taken along the corridor by the Site Webmaster in February 2009:

Exit sign on US 220 near Madison, NCThis is the previous exit sign seen in the first photo above. NCDOT added a'To US 311' sign stuck on top to account for the US 311 extension. The sign was replaced in 2012.

Exit sign on US 220 North near Stoneville, NCThis is what US 220 mostly looks like in Rockingham County. Further south near NC 68 there are many businesses which will either have to be taken down or the roadway rearranged to include a frontage road.

Exit sign on US 220 North near Mayoden, NCThis sign for NC 135 was also changed to include US 311 as well.

Sign for US 220 Business exit off US 220 in Stoneville, NCApproaching the Business US 220 exit northbound in Stoneville. Notice the left hand turn lane before the exit that will have to be removed during the conversion to a freeway.

Last exit sign in North Carolina on US 220 NorthSmith Road, the last exit in North Carolina. The Virginia border is about 3 miles north of here.

If anyone has any other photos of the current US 220 along this segment, feel free to E-mail me.