I-84 shield (big) from wikimedia I-84 in MA Exit List

7.4 Miles, from Holland on CT Border to I-90 Mass Pike in Sturbridge



Current Exit Number

Future Exit Number

Mashapaug Rd - Southbridge




 To MA 131 shield from wikimedia - Sturbridge, Southbridge




 US 20 shield from mediawiki East - Worcester, Charlton




 US 20 shield from mediawiki West - Palmer, Brimfield




 I-90 shield image from wikimedia Mass Pike - Boston, Albany (EB)



-- (8)*

This exit list contains both the current exit number and proposed future exit number when MassDOT converts I-84 to the Geographic Reference or Milepost Exit Numbering system. MassDOT plans to convert exit numbers between late summer 2020 and the spring of 2021 starting with routes in western and southern parts of the state. This project was first planned for 2016, but eventually postponed. The future numbers listed are those provided at the MassDOT Exit Renumbering Project website, downloaded Nov. 21, 2019.

* The interchange with the Mass Pike does not currently get an exit number, however, with the removal of the toll booths in 2016, the exit will just be like other exits at the end of an interstate, such as I-295 and I-93, which do have them. Therefore, I am suggesting this exit be numbered as 4 under the current system and 8 if milepost based (the ramps could be numbered 8A Westbound and 8B Eastbound). When this was posed as a comment to MassDOT after their exit renumbering announcement, they said they have no current plans to add exit numbers, mentioning the additional weight of exit tabs might compromise wind load design limits on the existing signs. However, there are other similar signs in the state with exit tabs, and there has never been any apparent wind related incidents with them. Also, the signs at the ramp split still have not been replaced as of the end of 2019, couldn't tabs be added to those, or to those or their support posts?

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