Image of NC Interstate 74 shield (from Shields Up!) Segment 1

Excerpt of NCDOT 2017-2018 Transportation Map showing I-74 Segment 1

Where: I-77, Virginia Border to Exit 101, Surry County

Length: 4.5 Miles


Signed as: Image of NC I-77 Shield (from Shield's Up) Image of NC I-74 Shield (from Shield's Up)

Segment Information

I-74 enters North Carolina signed with I-77 for its first four and 1/2 miles. This segment was completed easily in April 2001 with the addition of 2 I-74 signs, one each direction to what was previously just I-77 (see eastbound photo below). Signage at the I-77 interchange, both on I-77 North and I-74 West, implies I-74 goes as far as Wytheville, Virginia, (the termination point of the route according to AASHTO) but the interstate is currently not signed north of the North Carolina border. I-74 East leaves I-77 southbound as a left exit (see below).

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I-74 West/I-77 North: From Prior to I-77 South On-Ramp (April 2014)

I-74 East/I-77 South: From the Virginia/North Carolina Border (October 2011)

Segment photos (Hover over for Larger Image)

Photo of I-74/I-77 Shields (courtesy of H.B. Elkins)Image of large I-74 and I-77 shields after I-74 merges onto North I-77, Photo courtesy of H.B. Elkins

Photo of I-74 Exit signage on North I-77 at Exit 100Signage along I-77 North Approaching the I-74 Exit (photo courtesy of Adam Prince)

Photo showing exit signage at the Split of South I-77 and East I-74Approaching the split of I-74 East from I-77 South near Mt. Airy.

The only construction on this segment since it has been signed was a project to repave this section of I-77 let in 2012. The Welcome Center was also renovated, but disappointingly still has signs indicating its just the I-77 Welcome Center.

Comment: Virginia could sign I-74 along I-77 up to I-81 to make this southeastern portion of I-74 a true interstate Interstate. AASHTO's official I-74 route starts the interstate at the I-77/I-81 intersection east of Wytheville and then down I-77 south to North Carolina. This can wait until I-74 is signed to Winston-Salem.