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Here are some links to other I-73/74 pages, both in North Carolina and Elsewhere and Other Recommended Sites:

North Carolina 
NC at AARoads I-74 Page Annex I-73 Page Annex I-74 Page
I-73 Article and Exit List on Wikipedia
I-74 Article and Exit List on Wikipedia

NCDOT's Carolina Bays Parkway Ext. Study
NCDOT's I-74 Feasibility Study Page
Other States
 I-73 in Ohio Page
Image of VA I-73 Shield, from Shields Up! 
VDOT's I-73 Corridor Page (VA)
Image of SC I-73 Shield, from Shields Up! Image of SC I-74 Shield, from Shields Up!
South Carolina Highways Conway Bypass Page 
SCDOT's I-73 Study Project Page
Entire Corridor Sites High Priority Corridor 5 Page
I-73/74/75 Corridor Association
I-73 Routing in Photographs (Sandor Gulyas)
Other Highway Related Sites of Mine:
North Carolina's (Other) Future Interstates
Recommended Highway Related Sites:*
Freeway Jim
Road and Travel Related Blogs
Sure, Why Not? at*

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