Segment 6

East Belt Section 3 Construction Photos

Below is a summary of the construction photos taken along Section 3 of the High Point East Belt from start of construction in 2007 through July 2010 going west to east, (from most recent to oldest) [SOME PHOTOS HAVE YET TO BE RE_LOADED ONTO THE MALMEROADS SITE]:

1. Baker Rd. Bridge - The new bridge was completed in early February 2010 after an 8 month project that started in June 2009. Traffic was put onto a temporary road to the north, completed in June therefore not requiring a detour until the new bridge was completed. Work started on the bridge in July 2009 and by the middle of January 2010 it appeared almost ready to open. Concrete for the roadbed had been completed and asphalt was being laid to connect the bridge to the old road alignment as seen in the photo below. The bridge was not opened to traffic though until early March, a delay probably due to weather problems preventing lane markings from being put down:

Raised utility covers in July 2010 indicate a final asphalt layer is still due on Baker Road. (7/25/10)

Contractors working on removing the temporary Baker Road alignment in June 2010. (6/20/10)

A look at a lack or progress connecting the existing I-74 roadbed to the new one north of Baker Road. (6/20/10)

View of progress in removing the temporary Baker Road and bringing the future freeway down to grade in May. The grading was completed the week after this photo was taken. (5/9/10)

View of the open bridge and the start of dismantling of the temporary roadbed a month earlier. Once completed, grading of the entire freeway to Cedar Square Road will be almost complete. (4/11/10)

View of the open bridge looking eastbound a month earlier, the removal of the temporary road had yet not begun due to the need to remove rock in the freeway's path first. (3/10/10)

The bridge appears complete, except for lane markings in this view taken in late January. (1/28/09)

Workers laying asphalt at west end of new Baker Road Bridge. (1/14/10)

The excavator on the left was clearing space along the old road alignment to match the wider area of the bridge. (12/12/09)

Progress on the bridge in November. All the steel supports had been put in along with rebar for concrete, adding of which should be the next step toward completion. (11/8/09)

The concrete deck in December was ready for traffic as the crossing of the contractor truck above proved. (12/12/09)

The crane can be seen lowering the first beam into place in early October. (10/12/09)

A closer look at the equipment that loads the support sections in place, three sections make up one span for the bridge. (10/12/09).

Looking east in September when the crane had just been brought in to lift the concrete forms into place and then the bridge girders in October.  (9/18/09)

Excavation progress to the south side of the bridge as the structure neared completion in December. Once the bridge is built the temporary road to the north will be taken down and grading finished to connect the existing freeway to the new one. (12/12/09)

This photo shows the beginning of the construction of the center support beams for the bridge that were completed by the end of September. (9/18/09)

Looking east from the bridge, enough pavement has been put down by July to let bikers use the future freeway all the way down to Business 85. (7/25/10)

The view of progress creating the I-74 roadbed south of the Baker Road Bridge, one asphalt layer has been place since the previous month's view, below (6/20/10)

View of the progress in grading the future freeway looking South from the Baker Road Bridge in May. Basic grading has been completed and landscaping and water culverts are starting to be installed. (5/9/10)

Progress in grading the freeway east of the bridge can be seen in April 2010. Grading is almost complete and work has started in the future highway median. (4/11/10)


View of the bridge deck and remaining grading to be completed south of the bridge in mid-December 2009. (12/12/09)

Earlier view of progress on grading the roadbed south (east) of Baker Road before the support beams had been placed. (9/18/09)

A view in July 2009 when they had just started excavating to place the I-74/US 311 roadbed under the to be constructed Baker Road Bridge. (7/26/09)

View looking west on Baker Road just prior to the bridge being opened. (1/28/10)

View looking westbound 6 months earlier with the new temporary road to the right just completed before excavation started for the bridge. (6/14/09)

Looking eastward in June at the new temporary road, before significant construction started on the bridge. (6/14/09)

The same view north of the bridge toward the completed freeway and High Point, showing progress in tying the completed section to that under construction a couple months earlier, in May 2010. (5/9/10)


Same view six months earlier, grading had started toward the bridge and was getting close by mid-November. You may also notice the supports for overhead signs have been added in the distance at the future ramp to Business 85/US 29-70. (11/8/09)

Here's a close-up shot of the first overhead sign supports put up on this project. The exit gore sign poles existed as early as June. to the left you can see the future eastbound on-ramp from Business 85. (11/8/09)

The view looking north from Baker Road in June 2009 showing how close the work site is to the current end of the freeway, the Business 85, US 29/70 interchange. Much of the highway between it and Baker Rd. is complete, down to the guardrails and exit sign posts. (6/14/09)

2. Jackson Lake Road Bridge - This bridge was completed and opened to traffic at the end of November 2008. 

Here's a view of the bridge soon after it opened heading south across it toward NC 610.  The changes since have mainly consisted of consolidating the excavated material besides the road bed, so it can be removed, this was still going on in early August 2009. (11/23/08)

While most of the project has been completed looking east toward Kersey Valley Road, work appear to still be needed for landcaping and water runoff in July 2010. (7/25/10)

View toward Kersey Valley Road a month earlier in June 2010. Most of the work had been completed earlier, there doesn't seem to have been any further work on the water containment and runoff systems since April. (6/20/10)

View a month earlier in May 2010. Though from a slightly different angle, a similar view of progress as above. (5/9/10)

The view eastbound in April, progress had been made on landscaping and the placement of runoff collectors in the median. Again, the Kersey Valley Road bridge is in the distance. (4/11/10)

The view eastbound from the bridge in December 2009, showing much of the roadbed has received a second coat of asphalt as of October 2009, enough so contractor vehicles can use it. Compare that to the view below, more than a year earlier.  (12/12/09)

The view east from the bridge in November 2008, notice progress on excavation, but where the roadway will be is not as obvious as it is a year later. (11/23/08) 

The only thing new looking west in July 2010 is a pile of poles and other metal structures that will be used to be put together for one of the I-85/NC 62 interchange signs. This was probably assembled in early August. (7/25/10)

The view in June 2010 showed progress has been completed on leveling the western roadbed, an initial asphalt layer has been placed, and work was proceeding on water runoff culverts and landscaping. (6/20/10)

Photo from a month earlier shows initial progress in grading the freeway, the previous mound in the westbound lanes has totally been removed and work has continued on landscaping closer to the bridge. (5/9/10)

View to the west in April 2010, the mound taking up the future westbound lanes had almost been brought down to grade, the material from the mound has been piled along the side to serve as future landscaping. (4/11/10)

Some progress, including the start of landscaping along the completed road, can be seen earlier in January 2010, as viewed from the Jackson Road Bridge. As this is one of the entry points for construction vehicles it may be one of the last sections completed. By March most of the roadbed had been leveled (11) (1/14/10)

Little, if any progress can be seen in this photo from December 2009. This is though an entry point for the contractors to the road surface (the vehicle above got on the freeway here), so the westbound lanes may not be done for a purpose. (12/12/09)

The westbound view in November 2009 showing that there hasn't been much progress here since the spring, with dirt piles still existing in the future westbound lanes. (11/8/09)

The view in April 2009 looking west shows the first layer of asphalt being applied from just south of Baker road to the remaining debris piles north of the bridge.  (4/5/09)

The eastbound roadbed from the Jackson Lake Road Bridge as it appeared in November 2008. The road curves to meet Baker Road about 1/2 mile away.  (11/23/08)

Here's a view of the bridge in November 2009 from another angle. (11/9/08)

3. Kersey Valley Rd. - This bridge was completed in October 2008.  

The view from June 2010 shows work has been completed on placing down the asphalt layers for the highways, though some landscaping and guardrail work remains. (6/20/10)

The view of progress in grading the highway south of the bridge from April 2010. Grading appeared completed and the first asphalt layer has been applied starting at the middle left in the photo, to be completed 2 months later. (4/11/10)

View of the nearly finished graded roadways looking back at the Kersey Valley Road Bridge a month earlier. (3/10/10)

Work continues in late January 2010 in laying out the roadbeds and landscaping just south (east) of the Kersey Valley Road bridge. (1/28/10)

More material can be seen in this earlier January 2010 photo than the one taken a month earlier. This can be seen as progress though since the extra material is from grading and landscaping work being done on the future westbound lanes. (1/14/10)

The view of the bridge in December is very much like that of a month earlier, notice the addition of asphalt on the future roadway, as compared to the view in September, below. (12/12/09)

The view of the bridge from Dresden Road in September 2009, notice less piles of dirt and more construction vehicles and equipment than in the photos below. This is because much of the dirt has been pushed off and up from the road bed.  (9/18/09)

Similar view of the roadbed a month earlier showing the additional landscaping work needed. (6/20/10)

The excavated material from the roadway piled on the sides now is in the process of being seeded as of November 2009. Compare progress to photo below. (11/8/09)

Progress has been made in seeding the slopes and smoothing out the road surface further south of the bridge as of December, also notice the lack of as many construction items and machinery than in September. (12/12/09)

The excavated materials have been piled on the side of the eastbound lanes during the summer of 2009. What's left in the roadbed median are construction materials that were there in the July as seen in the photo below. (9/18/09)

View of the construction materials that can be moved using the freeway due to the construction of a temporary access road from the freeway toward Dresden Road in June and July 2010. (7/25/10)

Closer view of I-74 Roadbed from Dresden Road showing landscaping work still needing to go on. (7/25/10)

View of progress in paving the roadbed looking toward the I-85 interchange a month earlier in June. (6/20/10)

The view looking south from the bridge in May 2010. Note more work has been completed on the placing of asphalt, though not all the way to I-85. (5/9/10)

As of April the new asphalt layer had been continued to the paved part of the I-85/NC 62 offramp and almost down to the I-85 bridges. (4/11/10)

View from Dresden Road in March showing progress in grading the freeway toward the I-85 bridges in the background. (3/10/10)

Same view in late January 2010 showing progress in grading since the past month. (1/28/10)

View from Dresden Road of the I-85 interchange bridges, notice progress in placing walls on the flyover bridge, the one in the back, and the installation of a overhead sign structure for the westbound I-85 North exit just before the bridge. (12/12/09)

Progress of landscaping in the past year can be seen from contrasting the photo above from Dresden Road in early 2010 from that below taken about 6 months earlier.  The high bank goes back at the same height toward the Kersey Valley Road bridge.

The view from Dresden Road in from July 2009, notice more piles of dirt and more construction vehicles and equipment than in the photo above. (7/26/09)

View from the bridge looking Northwest back toward the Jackson Lake bridge. This section is one of the most complete on the project as of May 2010. (5/9/10)

Dust can be seen from the construction activity in January 2010 that has altered the appearance, if not improved the grading of this view of the I-85 bridges from the month before. (1/14/10)

Here's a closer look from December 2009 of the progress on building the eastbound offramp to the flyover bridge. (12/12/09)


Here's the view from late October showing what was excavated at that time, including the roadway later removed (see above) (which already had been blocked by barriers) in the center. (10/31/08)

Construction equipment in the process of removing the rest of the excess soil and creating the roadbed as of November 2009. (11/8/09)

 A view from the other side of the highway showing progress in grading as of April 2010 toward the Kersey Valley Road Bridge further along to the left. (4/11/10)

Similar view as above showing progress of clearing and grading the future I-74 roadway between I-85 and Kersey Valley Road in November 2009. Compare with the view above and below from last spring. (11/8/09)

The appearance of the future I-74 roadway between I-85 and Kersey Valley Road from April 2009. (4/5/09)

Here's the view in October 2008, showing the beginnings of grading of the roadway.  (10/31/08)

4. The I-85 / US 311 - I-74 interchange.
Footings for bridge structures were completed over the summer of 2008 and C/D lanes constructed for the future interchange, traffic was switched on I-85 in both directions onto the C/D lanes once completed in October 2008 so the I-85 road could be excavated for the I-74 freeway. Significant progress has since been made on on both the I-85 bridges and building the flyover ramp that will carry I-74 East traffic to I-85 north. The original I-85 roadway reopened in mid-April 2010. Compare the photo below to those taken in July 2010 and those in early April 2009 and in November 2008.

Work still remains on building the walls for the I-85 roadway over I-74, there also appears to be little asphalt on the southern roadbed after the flyover. (11/8/09)

This is the bridge over I-85 going north, unfortunately, they put back up the fence surrounding the highway, so I could not duplicate the shots from below, but had to take two. (6/14/09)

Though little has changed in the foreground, you can see the progress made on the I-85 bridges since June, in the photo below, also a graded mound has been built from excavated material under the bridges. (11/8/09)

You can see the progress on building the future I-85 bridges over I-74 under the bridge. The northbound looking more complete than southbound. (6/14/09)

This is a complete photo of the I-85 South future interchange with I-74 in April 2009. The future I-74 and NC 62 exit C/D lanes were now serving as the I-85 mainline temporarily as the old road is excavated (the start of which is going on behind the bridge) to put I-74/US 311 under existing I-85. Above is the progress of construction as of April.

 The same view from late October 2008. (10/31/08).

The view of progress in paving I-74 toward the I-85 bridges in May 2010, not too different from a month earlier. (5/9/10)

View of the I-85 bridges and approach from the north a month earlier shows the beginning of asphalt covering and final grading. (4/11/10)

View of the I-85 bridges and approach from the north shows more level ground and less construction equipment than in the photo below from January. (3/10/10)

Same view of the I-85 bridges and approach shows progress as of January 2010, much more than a month before in the photo below. (1/14/10)

The view of the interchange from Dresden Road in November 2009, not much seems to have changed from the photo below, though much more of the ground surface is level.  A sign of progress is contained in a photo toward the bottom of the page. (11/8/09)

The view from Dresden Road where the former cross-road was cut-off showing the progress of the I-85 bridges over the future I-74 freeway. Note that there is little change from the photo below taken in July, except for the trees cut down by the offramp . (9/18/09)

The view from July 2009. A closer inspection driving by on I-85 revealed the bridge decks looked nearly complete, what remained to be built was the bridge siding. (7/26/09) NCDOT restored I-85 to its normal traffic pattern in June 2010.

The view of the now cut-off Dresden Road in April 2009 with the future I-85/I-74 interchange in the distance. (5/5/09)  

A similar view from April shows progress on the I-85 bridges at that time and  the beginnings of the construction of the ramp from I-74 east to I-85 and its continuance on the flyover ramp in the distance. (4/5/09)

Here's a view of the progress in building the new I-85 bridges from April, some excavation and bridge building was apparent on the northbound lanes, but not the southbound I-85 roadway. (4/5/09)

Here is a similar photo from fall 2008. The bridge above I-85 is a part of the I-74 east interchange fly-over ramp, you can see that the ramp to I-85 south is already paved. (11/23/08)

You can also see in this photo that the closed southbound lanes of I-85 has been excavated by November 2008. (11/23/08)

Photo from July 2010 showing sign assemblies, and signs had been put up, the future exit signs covered over. (7/25/10)

As mentioned above this ramp system southbound will also serve as access to NC 62. These ramps were closed for much of October as they were re-aligned to meet the new C/D ramps. The exit number will be changed to 113A. (10/31/08)

What may be the ultimate sign the project is winding down, the delivery of the support structures for the overhead exit signs which are being stored in the southbound I-85 lanes, while traffic is detoured. According to the NCDOT Traffic Information Management System (TIMS), the I-85 roadway should open by June 2010, but, because of the quick progress on this project, perhaps earlier. (11/8/09)

At the future I-74/US 311 interchange, signs have been put up along the future northbound I-85 C/D lanes as of July 2010. The photo below is the same sign as seen above, before the I-74 east ramp. (7/25/10)

The next sign assembly for the I-74 West offramp along the I-85 North C/D ramps. (7/25/10)

Here are the first signs being put up for the new interchange on I-85 North, the NC 62 ramp has received a new coat of asphalt. (5/9/10)

By April 2010, the support structures for overhead signs were being put up along the C/D ramps. (4/11/10)

Compare the view of driving under the bridge on I-85 North in June 2009 as compared to October 2008:

The view in June shows most of the siding of the bridge complete, since bridge decks are generally poured before that happens, I assume that's complete also (6/14/09)

Here's traveling north on the temporary I-85 roadway under the I-74 exit ramps under construction last fall. (10/31/08).

This is the view going southbound toward NC 62 (the bridge in the distance). The photos for the interchange were taken from the top of the stand of trees between the two bridges. (10/31/08)

A final shot of the construction going on to the east of I-85, paralleling NC 62 in Spring of 2009. (4/5/09)

This shot, tries to show that the ramp merging from the flyover ramp has at least received one coat of asphalt. (6/14/09)

 I-74 and US 311 shields courtesy of David R. Kendrick's Shield's Up!