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I-73/74 in NC (Updated 5/26/24)

NC Future Interstates (Updated 5/23/24)

Mass. Highways for the 21st Century (Updated 5/24/24)


I-73/74: Added new Google Maps Street View images of US 52 interchange construction to I-74 Segment 4 page. Added Street View image to I-73 Segment 11 page. Added new screen shots from February to April 2024 dashcam videos to I-73 Segment 11 and  I-74 Segment 3, 4, 17 and 18 pages. Updated construction progress info on I-74 Segment 4, 17 and 18 pages.

NC Future Interstates: Updated construction progress info and added photos to New/Future I-295 page. Added new photo and info to the Future I-685 section of Future Future Interstates page. Updated Segment 1 information on Future I-42 page. Added new photos courtesy of Adam Prince to Future I-42 and New/Future I-587 pages.

Mass. Highways: Updated sign project progress page due to start of Route 128 sign replacement project. Added new photos to US 1 Sign Replacement section of the Misc. Mass. Signs Gallery. Added new CT 15 sign plans to New England Exit Renumbering Central page. Added new gore sign photo to I-95 Attleboro to Norwood Sign Replacement section and added new reassurance marker signs for I-95 Reading to Lynnfield Sign Replacement section both in I-95 in MA Gallery. Added more new sign photos to US 3 section of the Misc. Mass. Signs Gallery and added new I-295 sign photos in new section on same page.

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