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I-73/74 in NC (Updated 5/4/21)

NC Future Interstates (Updated 5/1/21)

Mass. Highways for the 21st Century (Updated 5/5/21)


I-73/74: Added new photo to I-74 Segment 3 photo thanks to Val Melvin. Added construction photos to I-73 Segment 11 page courtesy of Nick Schaut. Added progress information to I-73 Segment 11 and I-74 Segment 4 pages and new information to I-74 Segment 17 page.

NC Future Interstates: Revised text on Future I-87 for Segment 9. Added photos courtesy of Sean C. McManus and progress information to Future I-885 page. Added links to two more Heliflyer videos to Future Loop page. Created new standalone page for Future I-587 and updated exit list and construction progress info.

Mass. Highways: Added 2 traffic camera images of I-93 exit renumbering to the New England Exit Renumbering Central page. Added new Derby Street construction photos to Misc. Mass signs page, South Shore section. Previously updated Mass. Route Exit Lists and MA 2 exit list pages with the finishing of that route's exit renumbering. Previously added new photos of Route 2 East from Lincoln to Arlington thanks to Paul Schlichtman and Route 2 between Gardner and Orange thanks to Greg Goldman.

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