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Current Sites

I-73/74 in NC (Updated 1/3/21)

NC Future Interstates (Updated 1/10/21)

Mass. Highways for the 21st Century (Updated 1/17/21)

LATEST UPDATES-January 2021:

I-73/74: Added new photos to I-73 Segment 1 and 2 pages courtesy of Strider and I-73 Segment 8 page and I-74 Segment 4 page courtesy of Andrew B. Futrell. Updated I-73 Segment 5 page regarding pavement rehabilitation work. Revised I-74 Exit lists and I-73 Segment 8 page with the news of the opening of US 64 Asheboro Bypass and I-74 Exit List and Segment 4 page with the opening of the next segment of the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway. Updated construction progress information on the I-73 Segment 11 page.

NC Future Interstates: Added photo courtesy of David Johnson to Future I-885 page and updated text with news of delay in road opening. Added new segment photos courtesy of Strider and links to 1 construction tour and 3 Heliflyer videos to Future Greensboro Loop page. Updated Future I-42 and I-295 pages with construction progress information and Greensboro Loop page with date for next section to open. 

Mass. Highways: Added more I-90 and MA 24 exit renumbering photos to New England Exit Renumbering Central page along with I-295 photos courtesy of Andrew J. Wiggins, and new MA 18 widening construction photos to Misc. Mass. Sign Photos gallery. Updated Mass. Interstate exit lists with finish and start of exit renumbering projects on I-90, I-295 and MA 24 and US 6 Exit list after renumbering completed.

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