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Current Sites

I-73/74 in NC (Updated 3/14/23)

NC Future Interstates (Updated 3/19/23)

Mass. Highways for the 21st Century (Updated 3/25/23)


I-73/74: Added new Google Maps Street View images to I-74 Segment 4 page. Updated construction progress info on I-74 Segment 4 page and I-74 Segment 17 page with news of awarding of contract to build NC 72/NC 130 West interchange. Added new Street View images to I-74 Segment 17, 18 and 19 pages.

NC Future Interstates: Added new Street View images and updated construction progress info on Future I-42 page. Previously added new Street View images to I-295/Fayetteville Outer Loop page and new photos by Street View images to Greensboro Loop page showing signage along newly completed section.

Mass. Highways: Updated Sign Project list to account for notice to proceed given for MA 25 contract. Added 3 new photos to I-95 Attleboro to Norwood sign replacement project section of I-95 in Mass. Gallery. Updated information on future exit renumbering in CT on New England Exit Renumbering Central page. Added more final construction photos to MA 18 Widening Project section of the Misc. Signs Gallery.

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