Massachusetts Sign Replacement Contract List through 2024

Current Projects

Route                             Where                                            Percent Complete    Completion Date

I-90 shield image from wikimedia                            W. Stockbridge to Auburn           36%   [90%]*            Fall 2019 (Delayed from Fall 2017)

I-90 shield image from wikimedia                            Auburn to Boston                         13%   [85%]*            Summer 2019 (Delayed from Spring 2018)

I-90 shield image from wikimediaI-93 shield image from wikimediaUS 1 shield image from wikimedia       Tunnel Signage in Boston            Underway                   Spring 2019*

I-95 shield image from wikimedia                           Attleboro to Norwood                  Underway                   Fall 2021

I-290 shield image from wikimedia                           Auburn to Worcester                  Underway                 Autumn 2020                    

I-495 shield image from wikimedia                           Raynham to Bolton                      Underway                 Summer 2019*

I-495 shield image from wikimedia                           Methuen to Amesbury                Underway                  Summer 2019*

I-495 shield image from wikimedia                            Bolton to Lowell                          Underway                  Spring 2021         

 MA 24 shield image from wikimedia                              Fall River to Randolph               Underway                  Winter 2019/20

Future Projects

Route                              Where                                            To be Let in        

I-95 shield image from wikimedia                             Reading to Lynnfield                  Jan. 21, 2020

US 1 shield image from wikimedia                              Chelsea to Danvers                      Nov. 19, 2019 (Bid winner was Liddell Bros. at $5,584,562.00 over Roadsafe Traffic Systems)

MA 28 shield image from wikimedia                              Bourne to Falmouth                    Jan. 6,  2020

MA 146 shield image from wikimedia                             Uxbridge to Worcester                 Fall 2020

I-391 shield image from wikimedia                            Chicopee to Holyoke                    Winter 2020/21

I-495 shield image from wikimedia I-195 shield image from wikimedia              Specific Signs in SE Mass.          Winter 2020/21

US 3 shield image from wikimedia                              Burlington to Tyngsborough      Summer 2021

I-295 shield image from wikimedia                           Attleborough to N. Attleborough     Autumn 2022

MA 25 shield image from wikimedia                             Wareham to Bourne                     Autumn 2022

I-190 shield image from wikimedia                          Worcester to Leominster              Winter 2022/23

MA 128 shield image from wikimedia                          Peabody to Gloucester                  Autumn 2023

I-84 shield image from wikimedia                           Holland to Sturbridge                   Winter 2023/24

Notes: Information current as of December 14, 2019 obtained from MassDOT Project Listings for Structural Signing contracts under construction or design, downloaded from:

For current sign projects and those under design for the near future, MassDOT will have contractors install exit tabs and gore signs that can fit future larger milepost based numbers. A note in the contract plans for the I-95 Attleboro to Norwood project asked the contractors to check with MassDOT about the status of exit numbers before manufacturing the signs which suggested a possible switch from sequential numbers by 2021. Whether this was intentional or not, MassDOT is now planning a project to renumber exits to the milepost system starting in late summer 2020.

*Project may be complete, but is still listed as Under Construction on MassDOT's Project Listings site.

[ ] numbers are based on observations of the progress from personal road trips.