Massachusetts Highways for the 21st Century 

A Guide to Current Roadways and Proposals For Their Future

Closeup image of I-93/US 1/MA 3 sign on SE Expressway in Boston


This site is an attempt to summarize the current Massachusetts highway system, to describe upcoming projects, and to suggest proposals for their improvement.

Topics on this site include:

  1. Sign and Construction photos from Massachusetts Highways
  2. Future Exit Lists for Mass. Interstates, US and State Highways (Links to the left *Updated to include MassDOT's proposed milepost based exit numbers from 2015 contract documents, project now to start in late summer 2020)
  3. Page devoted to Future Exit Numbering in Other New England States (New photos 3/16/20)
  4. Potential Changes to Improve the System (Coming Soon)