Image of NC Interstate 74 shield (from Shields Up!)  Segment 13

Map image of US 74 Rockingham Bypass

Where: US 74, Rockingham-Hamlet Bypass, from Future I-73/NC 38 interchange to Eastern End at US 74

Length: Around 2.5 Miles

Status: COMPLETE (Except for future added Interstate signs)

Signed as:  Image of US 74 shield (from Shields Up1)*

Segment Information

I-74 is to continue on to the end of the US 74 Rockingham Bypass after I-73 leaves at a proposed exit near the current NC 38 interchange. This would be around the last 2.5 miles of the Bypass which runs a total of 13 miles from north of Cordova to east of Hamlet and was opened in November 2000, costing $110 million.1

The freeway has exit numbers matching US 74's mileage which run from 319 at the NC 38 interchange to 321 at Business 74 (the map above incorrectly lists the last exit as 322), for more information go to the I-74 Exit List.

A law that passed Congress in 2012 at the request of Texas transportation officials for I-69 would allow states to sign as full interstates, routes already up to interstate standards, but not connected to another interstate. It is unknown whether NCDOT will take advantage of this law and sign this part of the Bypass as Interstate 74, however no signs had been changed by the end of 2016. In actuality, NCDOT removed the Future I-74 signs up since the Bypass was opened. Perhaps due to the route being erroneously signed as I-74 in the NCDOT 2017-2018 State Transportation Map (see I-73 Segment 12) and in the 2018 Rand McNally Road Atlas. It appears probable that no new I-74 shields, either future or actual, will now appear on the Bypass until the completion of the I-73/I-74 Rockingham Bypass (see I-73 Segment 11).

"Drive" This Segment Using Google Maps Street View

Future I-74/US 74 East at NC 38: From on-ramp on NC 38 North (June 2013)

Future I-74/US 74 West at Business US 74: From off-ramp to Business 70 West (June 2013)

Some Photos from this Segment

Photo of exit signage for the NC 381 Exit along the US 74 Rockingham
Bypass in 2009, Courtesy of James MastA photo (from May 2009) of the NC 381 exit from the US 74 Rockingham Bypass freeway courtesy of James Mast.

Photo of exit signage at the NC 381/Future I-74 interchange, Nov. 2002Signage at the NC381-Future I-74/US 74 interchange. (November 2002) The East Future I-74 sign was removed in the fall of 2016.

Photo of exit signage at the NC 381/Future I-74 interchange, Nov. 2002,
Courtesy of Adam PrinceAnother photo at the NC 381-Future I-74/US 74 interchange. Again the reference to Future East I-74 was removed by NCDOT in the fall of 2016. Photo courtesy of Adam Prince

Photo of Junction Future I-74 sign at the NC 381 interchage with the US 74 
Rockingham Bypass, Courtesy of Adam PrincePhoto of Junction Future I-74/US 74 sign at the Future interchange with NC 381, Nov. 2002. Only the US 74 side remains as of 2017. Photo courtesy of Adam Prince