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Current Sites

I-73/74 in NC (Updated 10/18/20)

NC Future Interstates (Updated 10/21/20)

Mass. Highways for the 21st Century (Updated 10/22/20)

LATEST UPDATES-October 2020:

I-73/74: Added new construction progress information to I-74 Segment 4 and I-73 Segment 11 pages.

NC Future Interstates: Updated information to Future I-885 page regarding delay in opening also to Future I-87 page to reflect future project delays announced by NCDOT. Added revised construction date information on Future I-42 and I-795 pages also based on changes to NCDOT 2020-2029 STIP. Updated text on Future Beltway page.

Mass. Highways: Updated MA 140 Exit List due to completed exit renumbering. Added new exit renumbering photos to New England Exit Renumbering page, also added new sign photo images to I-90/Mass Pike and MA 24 Photo Galleries. Updated New England Exit Renumbering page and Exit List pages with news about RIDOT awarding I-95 exit renumbering project.

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